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Brand Story of Spicy Kungfu Fish (formerly MIT Catering)

When our human ancestors first learned to use fire, fish was the first thing they learned to cook. The distinct smell of fish has been with us for more than a million years. The exchanging of grilled fish promoted the progress of human civilization. It has become one with the history of human communication and evolution. 

Mr. Qi Chunhua, founder of Spicy Kungfu Fish, is a connoisseur of Sichuan food and has traveled all over China and the world, to perfect his craft of grilled fish. He has tasted all kinds of traditional fish dishes, continuously looking for improvement and innovation. When Mr. Qi visited the United States in the early years, the college campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology left a great impression on him. Inspired by the competitive and creative atmosphere of MIT, and after two years of extensive research, Mr. Qi launched a network of deep-sea fish restaurants known as MIT Catering, now Spicy Kungfu Fish.

Spicy Kungfu Fish is a powerhouse in the selection of deep-sea fish and ingredients to produce the best grilled fish dishes around the world. With its unique cooking techniques, combined with the accurate measurements of ingredients and nutrition practices, all dishes are prepared to give the best taste and experience to customers. With Western culture and dining habits in mind, Spicy Kungfu Fish uses its original inspiration of free-spirit, competitive greatness, and creative innovation to build its network of loyal fans. 

Our history started with the gathering of friendships through the exchange of grilled fish. We plan to continue that tradition here at Spicy Kungfu Fish for the years to come.

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